Armando is a 2014 graduate from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. He has five years of experience in a multi-disciplinary firm in Orange County and San Diego. This has led him to become a proficient designer in civic development, urban design, master planning, education, sports & recreation and housing. He is a collaborative team player because he believes great design comes through teamwork.

“Armando brings a great passion for the profession that coincides with our firm mission to collaborate on each project with a sense of grit, soul and style”, said Catherine McCullough, President and CEO, and also the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Armando has a fond appreciation for music and skateboarding. Often times he is called upon as a “skateboard consultant”. His passion for music has led him to study the landscape as a theoretical arrangement of musical notes. He sees the landscape through a punk rocker’s vision; loud (expressive), fast (ephemeral) and out of control (nature).

A little known fact about Armando is he was the singer for a punk band for 4 years.