JOHANNA MALL, ASLA – Junior Associate

Johanna is an artsy, creative and bubbly designer, raised by immigrant parents and fluent in three languages. Her upbringing and travel adventures give her an acute awareness of the importance of culturally diverse experiences. Her passion for design stems from her fascination with how urban and folk traditions influence landscape design. The cultural integration between her Mexican, German and American roots, gives her a unique perspective to connect people and places with an element of empathy for the spaces she designs. She strives to apply “genius loci” to capture “the spirit of place” by designing places with a unique, vernacular cultural identity that people feel connected to.

Johanna is a consummate rock climber, both indoors and out nearly every day. When she’s not climbing, she’s playing guitar or tending to her abundant collection of houseplants. You can also find her casually head-banging in mosh pits at punk rock shows on Friday nights.