NABYL “NABY” MACIAS, ASLA – Senior Associate

As a Cal Poly Pomona graduate, much of Naby’s work focuses on creative integration of landscapes and social interaction - working on large-scale city planning, urban design, mixed-used development, civic centers, residential development, office campuses, office retrofits, and commercial centers throughout the US, China, Indonesia, and Mexico. It is in these areas where Naby’s strengths will be utilized at McCullough.

“We’re excited to have Naby join us as she helps bring new perspective to cross-cultural integration and design aspects on multiple project levels and scale”, said McCullough Principal, David McCullough.

The cultural clash at the US & Mexico border, where Naby was born and raised, had a great part in the development of her unique perspective that directly translates into her eclectic aesthetic and holistic approach to design and planning.

Naby’s academic work has been recognized with national awards and has been featured in design publications. Back in 2013 she spoke at the Denver ASLA conference on the topic of emerging professionals and the betterment of millennial integration to the work force. She has also stayed involved in academia by teaching through her participation in the SWA-Cal Poly Pomona State University sponsored studio - taking on Hollywood’s culture through specialized programming.

A little known fact about Naby is her first declared major in college was art and one of her acrylic paintings sold for almost $2,000.