SUZETTE  – Contracts Manager

Suzette earned a Park and Recreation Management Associates degree in San Diego, before designing her own Bachelors of Natural Resources Policy and Administration, at Humboldt State University, where she was recognized and recruited by the US Forest Service, training in NEPA and land-use laws, while concurrently completing her Masters of Rural Geography at Northern Arizona University.

Following her love of the outdoors, Suzette worked in urban forestry before finding her niche in natural resources architectural and engineering contracts. She completed her Contract Management Certificate before diving into a law degree at the University of San Diego Law School. 

Her love of landscaping and the exceptional knowledge and skills she brings to the table will expand the firm’s capabilities and enable it to support additional projects. Suzette’s role at McCullough will include contract and project administration, office management, and human resources.

A little known fact about Suzette is a trained wild land firefighter.